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Tirunelveli District Profile
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The Tirunelveli District is located in southern part of Tamilnadu and surrounded by Virudhunagar District on the North. Thoothukudi District on the East, Kanyakumari District on the South and Western Ghats on the West. Tirunelveli has its own individuality from rice to culture. The lofty legendary life –line of this District is the River Tamiraparani that flows across the District. It caters to the various spheres of activities like agriculture Industry.

The Tirunelveli District was formed in 1790 by the East company , later came under the direct control of the British Crown Queen Victoria. The name Tirunelveli has been composed from the three Tamil words is "Thiru-Nel-Veli" meaning " Sacred Paddy Hedge".

Tirunelveli Palayamkottai is popularly known as "Oxford of South India". All types of Colleges, Schools with historic background are functioning in this Twin city.

Geographical Data

The Tirunelveli District is located in the world map, between 08.8’ 09.23’ latitude and 77.09’ and 77.54’longitude. The total geographical area of the District is 6,823

Administrative Setup

The District is having three revenue divisions comprising 11 Taluks, 19 Development Blocks, 628 Revenue Villages ND 425 Village Panchayats.